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MOTUL Air Filter Spray

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    MOTUL Air Filter Spray
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Good air filter maintenance increases efficiency and helps extend engine life.

Motul Air Filter Oil has been specially formulated for the maintenance of foam air filters in off-road motorcycles and quadbikes. Being blue-coloured facilitates its application and uniform spraying over the filter.

Before each lubrication, disassemble the air filter and clean it thoroughly.

Spray Motul Air Filter Oil Spray at about 20 cm for a better diffusion on the air filter then let dry for at least 10 minutes before refitting it.

Efficiently retains dust, mud and sand for an extended engine life span.
Limited load loss on air intake: improves engine power output.
Anti-clogging formula.
Prevents water penetrating the filter when crossing creeks.
Rapid drying to avoid drips.
Blue coloured for easy application.